Hey all,

Thank you to all the readers out there for checking us out. After ten months writing this blog I know writing these reviews makes me stop and actually think about the films I am putting into my brain and I hope the results are interesting, helpful, or at least entertaining.

But, I must step out of the fold for a stretch (ideally less than two months) as I am executive producing and editing a short film based on a Mark Twain short story for Astrolab Films. After the first shoot I must say that I am really excited about the project: the script is inventive, the actors are fabulous, and our crew is out of this world. Here is a link to the indiegogo page where you can find out more about the project, check out a video, and (if you like) make a donation:


Or, if you just want to see the video, check it out below. It is an early version of the opening credit sequence:

Thank you all, Alex P and others may continue to post, but I will see you all soon!

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